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A box of comfy

trösta box was founded with a simple mission: to deliver comfort to your doorstep. Our themed gift boxes are curated by our founder specifically to bring you opportunities to experience joy, comfort, and self-care in every day life. We believe that taking care of your self is one of the most important acts to being fulfilled, and we're happy to be playing our part to make it happen.

"It was like receiving relaxation in a box."

— The Pink Envelope


A surprise in every box

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Items that inspire self-care

Each themed gift box typically contains between 6 and 8 curated items. These items are most often sourced from U.S. based artisan or small businesses. And every themed box tells a story about you can do something wonderful for yourself with the items. Many times, the vendors we source these products from will offer special discounts or offers for trösta box customers. trösta box themed gift boxes make amazing group or individual gifts.